Linda Deg Lee


Artist Statement

Growing up on the North Dakota plains was both solitary and full. I was keenly aware of infinite space as well as the density of life. Recognizing and interpreting this binary relationship of emptiness and fullness was the beginning of my artistic journey.

My work is an exploration of biomorphic patterns and relationships found in nature. I begin with a still center balanced between positive and negative, on and off, up and down. I work with circles, lines, and reflective symmetry to create a dynamic and organic whole.

Circles are self-contained. They are individuals and imply an internal and external space, the dualism of figure and ground. Concentric circles represent growth and change. These cellular shapes are the primary building blocks for pattern making in nature and my work.

The duality or paradox of line is that it simultaneously connects and separates, and adds another layer to figure/ground relationships. In nature, leaf veins provide structure, as well as serve as pathways to transport energy. Lines create edges, boundaries and direction, just as running water and other elemental forces trace lines shaping the contours of the earth.

Reflective, or line symmetry--a circle in its purest form, is inherently binary and balanced. It is both a beginning and ending point. We recognize our symmetrical selves. We see infinity, as the circle completes itself.


Resume in PDF format.